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Since 2016, we've been helping ambitious, yet mindful, solopreneurs & remote workers get back on track with their goals through daily accountability and a supportive community.

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Are you flustered by a lack of motivation, uncertainty, work/life imbalance, or personal stress? We've built a community that makes it easier to be more productive and see the results you want in life. We help solopreneurs and remote working professionals (who often suffer from what we call "lone wolf syndrome") by giving them the tools and accountability they need to stay focused, motivated, and intentional about the goals they're working on. We have a saying, "through patience and persistence, it will come."

What our members come for


to get things done


to honor commitments


to stay motivated


to work smarter, not harder

What other solopreneurs & remote workers have to say

Melanie S J.


"It's the best accountability group I've ever come across. Everyone is very connected and open and warm and the structure is fantastic! The Pack has been fundamental in me staying grounded and focused. While I haven't always performed as well as I would have liked, The Pack has been extremely helpful in understanding why that is and how to be flexible enough to work through my blocks."

Anfernee C.

Business Owner

"The Pack has helped me to have a space & community of amazing people to go to for #realtalk, inspiration, and motivation. Especially through these challenging months. On one of the weekly packlet calls, another Packster helped me bring awareness onto the good things that I had been doing instead of just focusing on the things that I wasn't doing well. This was really helpful."

Mira R.


"I have made significant changes. The community has been both loving, accepting and willing to shine a light when accountability has slipped. Facilitation has been generous, broad and insightful. It has helped me track changes and initiatives over the two months, to feel understood and supported in the ups and downs and to be able to keep coming back to daily accountability. There's a power in small daily actions in the right direction."

Gretha O.


"Especially this round, round 13, I feel the Pack was vital in staying 'sane'. The daily accountability but especially the support of the likeminded Packsters was what kept me positive and going during the first difficult, uncertain weeks of COVID19 - thank you."

Bianca P.

UX Designer

"Accountability - showing up every day and for pack meetups. This has helped me build a routine and have self-control, to show up with clarity and focus on goals. The Pack helped me get it out of my head and onto paper which I struggle with. The mindmap of goals was super helpful. Support and encouragement from members - having people check in on daily scrums or events in my life has been particularly helpful emotionally. Community and connection has been the most helpful. One of the main reasons I joined was isolation. Sharing and being vulnerable with members has been the most rewarding experience."

Nicholas L.

Bitcoin enthusiast

"What's happening here is amazing. It has been an eye opening experience. I have learned a lot about myself and what it takes to happy and healthy. I have a long way to go and that excites me. With the routine of the pack over the next 3 rounds I'm looking forward to surprising myself and others with what we can accomplish. Changed my perspective for the better. The Pack changed my life :) "

Jess A.


"Now I have more self belief and want to aim even higher! The pack has helped me reach my goals by keeping me accountable and supporting me with my 'blocks' as they surface. I also got A LOT out of helping other Pack members this round. The past year has been a tough one, but I've grown a lot and The Pack has been a big part of that. What you've created here is phenomenal, and something to be really proud of! Thank you for having me :)"

Natalie L.

Marketing Manager

"Mind mapping helped to take my thoughts out of my head and onto paper to realise that my negativity was piggybacking off negativity from elsewhere. Cutting down tasks to make them more achievable relative to the time and effort required. Daily scrums and affirmation helped to reset from the day before and recover from negative feelings. Provided a safe space for me to share my struggles."

What we offer

We help 'lone wolf' entrepreneurs and professionals get back on track through our quarterly and ongoing programs. Join our community where we tackle productivity and accountability in a unique yin-and-yang way, leveraging the power of The Pack.


A monthly membership

A distraction free zone that is 100% focused on productivity.

Use the power of of positive peer pressure to simply get the important stuff done.


A quarterly productivity accelerator

Get clear on your goals and how to get there. Dream big and take daily action.


Ideal for remote workers in the #NewNormal


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