A productivity accelerator program for driven entrepreneurs and professionals looking to get back on track. Ideal for remote workers in the #NewNormal seeking to improve personal productivity in pursuit of ambitious goals.


What to expect

Come join our P-Accelerator (productivity accelerator) program to help boost your personal productivity each quarter through group accountability, communal momentum, and shared knowledge.


Our program is unique in the sense that we help "lone wolf" entrepreneurs and professionals get back on track through a yin-yang style of workflow. Depending on where you are in your career or life, we help you determine whether you need to increase more yin (softer skills) or yang (harder skills) in order to achieve your goals. 

We've been around since 2016, with members continuously returning due to the program's reliability, structure, and strong sense of community. Using the wolf pack as a symbolic guide, we are constantly adapting, collaborating, and encouraging leadership skills, to help turn "lone wolf" types into stronger pack leaders.

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Program Overview

We run a series of webinars in the first few weeks to get you up to speed with how we run together as a "pack", how to goal-set more effectively, and then hit the ground running. We then group everyone into "packlets" (teams of no more than 4-8) with assigned leads and co-leads. These packlets then become your trusted peers to continue running together with. Our strength comes not just from our structure, but our culture.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Introduction & history

An intro to the history of The Pack

Goal-setting (one thing)

How to prioritize effectively

Visualizations & affirmations

Using emotions for goal-setting

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7+


Breaking your goals down to manage


Allocating time for your goals

Rhythm & Rituals

Embedding consistency and routine

Hotseats, reviews

Time with your packlets


29 Jan 2021

Applications close

30 Jan 2021

Applications reviewed

31 Jan 2021

Offers made

Feb 02 2021

P-Accelerator starts

Apr 2021

P-Accelerator ends

Yin goal-setting

Yang goal-setting









Daily check-ins

& scrums




Wrap up



Why should I join The Pack when I can do my own daily planning... What's in it for me?

We're not promising any magic bullets or get-rich-quick schemes, We offer a well-intentioned community that will hold you accountable.

What makes The Pack different from other productivity groups or productivity mobile apps?

When you're gunning for your goals, self-care is essential to cultivate inner balance to achieve goals sustainably. The Pack is a community of well-intentioned members who prefer to go deep than wide. Our Packsters bring both their heart and their head to the process. Simply put, The Pack is here for you, and The Pack has your back. Ours is a community, not a network. Strong communities need us all to contribute. To encourage contribution and interaction, we've created a safe space for everyone to share and give feedback. Beyond learning about ways to achieve your goals, you also get to make connections with others who are also along their own journeys of success. Our community of creators, developers, builders and do-ers never cease to surprise us with the depth of relationships forged.

Who is currently in The Pack?

The Pack is diverse mix of freelancers, professionals and entrepreneurs spread across Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Asia and USA. We've written about some of them here! [blogpost]

Who are the facilitators for the accelerator?

George and Erin. More about them here.

How long as The Pack been around for?

We've been running since 2016.

Where will the program be conducted?

Our programs are conducted 100% online, perfect for remote working in today's #newnormal. We use tools like Slack, Zoom and Notion.

Which timezones will we be using?

We have an international community, but to give you an idea (or range) of when 8am is for us, it's between GMT+7 to GMT+10.

How much is the productivity accelerator?

What you pay is not an expense but in investment in your future and success. Each round is $350 and we run one round each quarter. We also offer an annual subscription of $1000 for 4 accelerator programs.

What will the time commitment be like?

Each week, we host a 2 hour webinar for the entire cohort. For every day of the week, we plan our days and post a scrum in our activity channels and this should take you about 15-30 minutes, depending on how long you need to plan out your day. 80% is the magic number to remember. We expect that you attend 80% of all webinar sessions, and fulfill 80% of the week's daily scrums.

What happens if I don't show up?

We know that some days are more difficult than others. But, that’s what The Pack is for. Just show up. You’re not alone in your journey. It's important we keep the integrity of the group and ensure people are there for the right reasons. We'll have to reassess your participation if your attendance rate is below 80%.

What is the application and interview process like?

Fill out an application here. We want to now a little bit about you, what motivates you and why you're interested in The Pack. ​While we're inclusive, we're highly selective. We don't just let anyone into the accelerator. It's important we keep the integrity of the group, and ensure people are there for the right reasons.

What if I'm accepted and I'm not satisfied with the program?

We believe in over-delivering and getting strong results for our Packsters. If for any reason you are not blown away in your first 21 days, we will happily return your investment.

I'm really interested but I'm not totally convinved yet. Can I take a peek under the hood?

We're happy to let you have a sneak peek of our private #guest-lobby Slack group. Under this trial access, you'll get a taste of the community and be able to ask any questions you have for a limited time of 30 days.

I can't afford to pay $350. What other options are available?

We know that the COVID-19 situation has caused a lot of instability. Please highlight this to us when you fill out your application so that we can discuss the options that are available to you.

I have other questions not listed here. How can I get in touch?

Drop us a message here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

What's the difference?

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 01.31.12.png

"The strength of the pack is the wolf.  The strength of the wolf is the pack."

Together is better.


Together we're stronger.

What our Packsters have to say

The Pack has helped me have self-discipline which is something I struggle with. I am "in my head" a lot and struggle to take action and make progress. The Pack helps me with this daily. I have found the community so helpful and encouraging and love being in a group with like-minded people. The Pack has helped me stay accountable, be productive and show up constantly. I couldn't do this on my own.

Bianca P.


"The community feel in The Pack keeps growing on me. Ultimately I'm here to learn how to navigate the journey and climb many of the ropes in business/entrepreneurship so my prerogative is that - which in turn can be admittedly very narrowly focussed on my own performance - not looking to others around me in The Pack, as much as I'd like. I have a very strong focus, and a strong social network - however, I'm understanding more and more just how important it is to meet with others on their journey to truly share the load."



"The Pack has helped me to have a space & community of amazing people to go to for #realtalk, inspiration, and motivation. Especially through these challenging months. On one of the weekly Packlet calls, a fellow Packster helped me bring awareness onto the good things I'd been doing instead of just focusing on the things that I wasn't doing well. This was really helpful."

Anf C.