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A Deep-Dive Into The Pack Experience During Covid-19

What was lockdown like for you?

Did you feel like you had to double down on your hustles? Or have a chance to press pause?

When COVID-19 hit, we noticed an influx of new members to our productivity accelerator, The Pack. And it came as no surprise that they were seeking a mix of productivity and self-care.

What was the experience of Packsters like?

“Stimulating. “Motivating.” “Transformative.”

That’s what The Pack experience felt like during the uncertain time of COVID-19. These sentiments were shared respectively by some of our new Packsters: Natalie Lange (freelance marketer), Nicholas Lalonde (Bitcoin investor and enthusiast) and Gretha Oost (entrepreneur and product inventor).

Gretha, having been with The Pack since 2016, has often expressed that one of the greatest value adds for her has been the goal-setting process. “Doing that [goal-setting] with multiple people at the same time is way more motivating and stimulating… that's why I keep coming back.”

As a lone wolf entrepreneur, it’s easy to focus on the challenges that lie ahead and to overlook any success. But when you’re surrounded by a community that lifts you up regardless of your progress, you learn how to acknowledge yourself better – in the good times and the bad.

Sharing and caring… amongst Strangers?

With a truly global and diverse community, it’s not uncommon for most to Packsters join the ranks and know only one or two people. Right from the get-go, sharing snippets of your personal and professional lives with complete strangers can feel daunting – but it can also provide an unexpected sense of relief.

As new member Natalie shares, “There's this security in sharing problems with 'strangers' as opposed to friends as their feedback comes without judgement… or rather we are more open to strangers' feedback.”

As the world struggled with a heightened sense of anxiety/insecurity amidst the ongoing global pandemic, so did our Packsters. But over the 8 weeks, most of them eventually found a way to lean against each other, create a plan and take solid action.

What went down?

Nicholas had initially observed that there was “a lot of thought, work and collaborating … to create a solid environment for everyone to flourish.” While this held true, as he went through countless daily scrums, weekly webinars and frequent conversations with other members, he realised that The Pack served as a healthy place with a balanced perspective, something that’s hard to find during times of global unrest.”

Gretha, being stuck indoors like the rest of us, unexpectedly saw an increase in her focus and productivity levels. Using the #getshitdone channel played a huge role in helping her fulfill the day’s tasks; “By writing it down in a public channel… you commit to it.”

While productivity was the name of the game for some, for others, the emphasis was on personal development. I was not expecting it to be centered around mind-mapping, introspection and reflection,” shares Natalie.

What The Pack can offer

During COVID-19, Packsters focused both on their Yin side (investing in self-care) while firing up their Yang side (hitting their goals).

Is one better than the other? No. Can one survive without the other? No.

Want to find that yin-yang balance yourself? Simply join us for the next round of The Pack :)

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