A journey through 2020 - Natalie

Two years ago, I got to know George at an event about #thirdculturekids. George is the founder The Pack, and if you don't know what a Third Culture Kid is, it's basically someone who may be of mixed race, born in a country other than their parents, and/or raised in a third culture. Essentially someone who's experienced struggles with the question, "where are you from?"

(That's me 🙈at the top left-hand side with the yellow arrow)

We became really good friends. In April this year, I was sharing some of the things that I was struggling with:

  1. Mental health

  2. Daily motivation

  3. What do I even want to do? Who am I and who do I want to become? 🤔

George told me about The Pack and the productivity accelerator that they run. I was sceptical.

Why was I sceptical? Because I believe what I see when I see it. And, I didn't quite understand what a productivity accelerator was, because I was only familiar with the conventional startup accelerators for funding and mentoring.

But, here I am. 6 months later and into my third round of the productivity accelerator. (YAY 🎉)

I didn't have any expectations coming in. I only knew that I would get what I put in.

Going through a lockdown with the support of The Pack by my side has been a major contributor of mindful, positive and task-oriented energies this year. I can only imagine the person I would have been without The Pack because I already know her so well. 'Productivity Accelerator' might sound a little daunting. It did to me, not gonna lie. Was it going to be a productivity competition? An ego contest? A total shitshow?

Here's a little snippet into the mindmap I made for myself in May this year, during round 14.

Well, I'm very happy to report that I have benefitted in ways that I had not considered at all.

  1. The Pack gave me a framework to reflect and prioritise my goals.

  2. The Pack was my support system for help, feedback and congratulations as I worked towards my goals.

  3. The Pack connected me to others who were equally driven in a myriad of different interests, and yet all unique in their own ways.

The Pack has now been with me for 3 quarters of the year. And this has also been arguably the most turbulent year so far. I count myself incredibly lucky for having a support network that cares and lifts me up to grow along with them.

Round 16 of the productivity accelerator starts on 3 November 2020. For 7 weeks, I'll be involved in weekly webinars to set goals and make plans to achieve them. I'll be writing daily scrums (also known as daily plans) to keep me focused during the day. I'm looking forward to running with Packsters in Round 16!

For more information on our Productivity Accelerator aka P-Accelerator, click for more info 👉 https://www.jointhepack.co/p-accelerator

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