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Alumni Spotlight Aug 2020: Anfernee & Fabrice

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

“For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” ― Rudyard Kipling

True to its name, The Pack embodies much of the wolf-pack ethos. From loyalty to resilience, community to connection; all Packsters, old and new, are united by a set of shared goals and values. And like any organisation, the foundation is built early on by a group of committed, innovative individuals.

New beginnings

Since joining The Pack in 2015, both Anfernee Chansamooth (content strategist and community builder) and Fabrice Ginapé (engineer) have grown immensely as individuals and as Pack members.

When the Pack founder, George Siosi Samuels, shared the concept of The Pack with friends and colleagues, Anfernee was immediately drawn. “George had [an idea] to launch a mastermind group, a productivity group… I wanted to have people who I could go to get feedback from and to push me to keep me accountable.”

On the other hand, solo entrepreneur Fabrice had been lacking “a sense of a community”; and The Pack turned out to be the perfect solution.

Developing the yin and yang

As The Pack steadily grew, members experimented and systems were put in place – the OG tribe realised that they were onto something. Not only did they create a conducive space for members to overcome professional challenges and pursue goals, but they also found a balanced way to nurture the creativity, spirituality and empathy within all of us. A true Yin-Yang.

“I have definitely seen people’s amazing skills and talents manifest when a creative and grounded goal-setting approach, and the shared understanding of a community, comes at play,” says Fabrice. Amidst a lean and agile group that willingly provides “opportunities for cherry-picked feedback,” it’s no surprise that so many Packsters come back for more.

Alongside webinars and weekly reviews, Packsters check in with each other via daily scrums, and often form connections in unexpected ways. As Anfernee shares, “A big part of The Pack ethos is to have real conversations and to have a place to go where we can really have discussions that... we don't have normally outside.”

Who should join The Pack?

The Pack has generally been great for entrepreneurs, people in career transitions, consultants and freelancers, but there seems to be a fresh trend amongst new Packsters. “They’re individuals who want accountability and support with putting their project out there, to gain more self-confidence, and also have a space that they can turn to for real talk about mental health and other challenges,” shares Anfernee.

The Pack isn’t a membership card that you keep in the back of your wallet. It’s a participative, two-way experience in which you invest your time and energy today, for a better outcome tomorrow.

You invest in relationships today, to seek support tomorrow.

You invest in productivity today, to reap success tomorrow.

As the founder always says, "Through patience and persistence, it will come."

If you feel like a lone wolf who wants to make a bigger impact in your community and the world, reach out to us at jointhepack.co.

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