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Updated: Apr 29

- Mira ran with the Pack during 2020.

I’d just lost my job (both of them actually). COVID had hit and the world was heading into lockdown. Truth be told, my life had done a complete 180.

In an unfamiliar and uncertain environment, I needed to make decisions and take massive action fast.  I needed to implement my plan B ... yesterday. 

I am a motivated person. I like a challenge and I set my own goals and trajectory. But this was next level and lockdown brought to life a feeling of isolation like no other. 

I saw it plain as day - there is only so much you can do alone. 

I decided to join The Pack - an online productivity and accountability group hosted and facilitated via the tools Zoom and Slack.

The Pack’s effectiveness rests on these four pillars: Productivity, Accountability, Community and Knowledge and undoubtedly those pillars helped me get through the bumpy challenges of 2020.

Productivity - There were two Slack channels that helped me get productive: #getshitdone and #daily-scrum. 

The #daily-scrum channel was where we posted our daily check-ins. They helped me get focused every day -- wake up, have breakfast, write my plan for my day, get moving. While the check-in template had a few ‘must-have’ things to include each day (#done, #todo etc), I adapted the template to work for me (eg adding a “feelings check in” and “daily hacks”). Having that flexibility meant that I wasn't boxed it, and could adapt it as I saw fit. 

The other channel that was super helpful was #getshitdone. Whenever I noticed myself flailing or procrastinating I’d use #getshitdone to get focused. I’d write “Next 25: ….” Then I’d do the action and report back in when complete.

Because life is all about balance, I also used the #getshitdone channel to remember the all-important self-care. 

Accountability - At the start of The Pack round, we were put into small groups called packlets. My packlet was really helpful in holding me accountable to my goals. One time, when I felt like giving up they encouraged me to remember my commitments and strengths - it was so helpful to know people were watching and caring

Community - I’ve belonged to many online communities over the years. One thing that makes The Pack special is how truly supportive people are. Knowing that people read, comment and emoji my daily scrums helped me feel seen. Celebrating accomplishments, big and small, in the #wins channel around my business and uni study helped me soldier on. 

Knowledge - When I had a dilemma I needed to solve, I asked The Pack for their input. I got a range of responses, both the empathy that I needed for my heart, and the practical resources that would help me make a decision. 

Twice I “ran with the pack”, engaging in 9-week cycles of community, camaraderie and getting shit done. 

Throughout the difficult times of COVID, I secured new work and relaunched my business and set my plan B firmly in action. I definitely learnt that what they say is true: There is power in the pack.

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