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What do the Tour de France, a flock of birds and The Pack have in common?

Why do cyclists ride single file?

Why do Formula One drivers 'tailgate' behind each other?

Why does a flock of birds create a V formation?


In aerodynamic terms, it's called 'slipstreaming' (also known as 'drafting').

slipstream slĭp′strēm″
n. The area of reduced pressure ... immediately behind a fast-moving object as it moves through air or water.

How does it work?

The first cyclist (or bird or driver) creates a slipstream behind them, and the other cyclists (or birds or drivers) slip into the flow and get an easier ride.

In other words, the leader of the pack does the hard work, and makes it easier for others to follow.

So how does this relate to The Pack?

Although we understand the concept of slipstreaming instinctively, we didn't consciously realise we were doing it.

It started with George S Samuels leading the way. As leader of The Pack, he created a mastermind accountability group, helping others get on the path where they belong. He led by example and forged the path.

Along the way, The Pack has attracted dozens of people who have come on board and slipped into the slipstream. The momentum that we've collectively created means that each person who joins us finds it easier to find their own momentum.

Just like the Tour de France cyclists take turns in the lead when they have the stamina, we also step up when we have more to give. If we notice our energy reserves start to deplete, we drop back and trust that someone else will take the lead.

Just like birds in nature, or cyclists on the Tour, we have learned the art of moving together.

The strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

Want to find flow but are tired of doing it on your own? Slipstream into the momentum we've created with our Productivity Accelerator.

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