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Never google "How to be productive"

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Have you ever googled "How to be more productive"?

Does that overwhelm you?

It certainly overwhelms me!

11 Top Tips!

24 Ways!

Added up, there are 124 tips on the first page of Google results alone.

Who has time (or the motivation) to put all those into practice?

The 2 ways people react

There are two typical reactions when trying to solve productivity problems on your own.

1. Don't know where to start

So many options. Which one to choose?

You click on one and start reading, then feel even more overwhelmed. Give up. Conclude it's too hard. Then you'll find a distraction to soothe your overwhelm (like going to the fridge, or going onto social media).

2. Try to do it all at once

With a jolt of inspiration, you find an article you like and think: "This is it! This'll solve all my problems".

And so you start taking actions. You want to follow the advice earnestly: block out time in your calendar, set a timer, remove distractions ...

But after a few days, you notice your motivation waning. And you're back to old habits.

Advice is cheap (even the really good advice)

We live in an age where there is SO MUCH information: advice, tips, hacks, recommendations, best practice ... all at our fingertips or available on a podcast.

But what good is knowledge if it's not applied?

As we move out of the Information Age and into the Wisdom Age, we need to become better at applying the plethora of information available.

Wisdom = applied knowledge

In the quest for more productivity, we need to be wise and apply the knowledge more than ever.

Learning about 'what to do' or 'how to be more productive' is no use if you don't apply it. Meta-productivity (finding hacks about being productive) is one of the biggest time wasters available! (And yes, I'm talking from personal experience). "If only I can find the perfect time management tool ..."

There is no perfect tool. There is no perfect tip.

Action is the magic word

The only way to get more productive is to take action. Regular, consistent, focused action.

Which is simple, right? But not necessarily easy.

That's why we created Action Power Hour. To put the 'best advice' that you read about in those productivity articles into practice.

Since 2011, we've had over 36 000 actions posted in our Action Power Hour community.

Want to learn more and start taking action today? We have a 1 week free trial.

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